Collection: Annette Kraft van Ermel

Annette Kraft van Ermel is an award-winning Canadian artist currently residing in
Waterloo, Ontario.
Annette received her BFA from York University in Toronto and has painted and
exhibited ever since. Often confused with being a traditional encaustic artist, Annette
has uniquely developed her own technique of using wax with her oil painting.
Charcoal drawings inspired by nature are enveloped with hot wax before painting
begins. Layers of oil are applied and manipulated to intentionally obscure the familiar.
Subjects, often bees and flora emerge with complexity and edge. Annette’s pieces are
known for their raw allure, nature reimagined.
With the pandemic and other life-changing events occurring over the past couple of
years, Annette’s process is evolving, transforming and taking a refreshing, new