Collection: Deborah Masters

As an artist I have always been drawn to old world finishes and the timeless beauty that lies in their imperfections and their antiquity. Old books entrance me with their rich earthy subtle colours worn so beautifully by years of handling, creating the books' exterior story: a tangible story connecting to our parents and ancestors. Knowing they held and enjoyed the same books is a cherished thought and these surfaces influence the process and the appearance of the backgrounds in my work.

Although the birds and animals in my art work represent my own personal journey, they may also connect the viewer to their own story. My paintings encompass my love for these finishes and my love for animals. I hope to paint in a way that draws the viewer into nature's sensitive and beautiful world, full of light, colour and design. I work many layers into my paintings to capture this effect of timeless antiquity.

I have a diploma in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, furthered my studies in France and at the Ontario College of Art for encaustics. My art and decorative work have been featured in several Canadian Magazines including The Globe and Mail. My art work is in private collections across Canada, in Dubai and the Turks and Caicos.

I paint full-time in my studio in the Town of The Blue Mountains.