Collection: Sharon Barr

"Always fascinated by human forms, I have concentrated on figures throughout most of my painting career...that is, until a recent spring, when while walking, I found myself totally surrounded and captured by a blooming magnolia tree.  That was my "paradigm shift", a type of burning bush experience.  It was as if the living structure spoke to me....and so, I find myself mesmerized by another living form, that of the creature inside the plant.  I don't find them...they find me...through brush and paint."

Sharon's artistic style captures energy and vitality.  The passions, power and peace found in the human spirit and depicted in many of Sharon's images.  Large, immediate brush strokes and bold use of colour, capture energy, mood and movement.  The viewer is not only sees their own connection to life through her work, but is encouraged to absorb the beauty of simple moments that otherwise might be passed by.  Her large-scale oil and acrylic on canvas paintings have been in many solo and group shows in and around Toronto and are found in collections across the country