Collection: Susan Hoeltken

I have always been drawn to the interplay of colour, light, and shadows; especially how colour evokes emotion, energy and movement.
I draw inspiration from the occurrences we experience in everyday life. Children sledding down a hill in winter, portraits of loved ones, the intricate reflections and patterns in nature, and still life floral arrangements displayed and positioned to create original perspectives.
Every painting I produce allows me to communicate my story and the lives of the people that surround me. I invite the audience to observe the aspects of these scenes and to identify with stories being told amongst the brushstrokes.
Susan has been involved in the arts in many forms: as a gallery owner, an art consultant, and through her true passion as an artist. She has completed a Fine Arts certificate from Sheridan College and is presently continuing her studies in Fine arts at the Ontario College of Arts and Design (OCAD).